Roy Barrett

Roy Barrett has been a volunteer with the program since 2007. During his time as a CASA volunteer, he has advocated for many children and upheld his commitment to each of those children. Mr. Barrett has been an incredible asset to CASA and has done his best to work alongside all other professionals to ensure the wellbeing of each of the children he served.

“Being a CASA volunteer means so much to me because I was raised in a household without a father figure and that affected me in many ways. There have been so many people in my life that have helped me along the way and I wanted to do that to children that may have grown up the same way I did. I have learned so much being a CASA and I often use that knowledge and apply it to individuals in my own life and situations that I have gone through or see others go through. Being a CASA volunteer has brought so much meaning to my life and I love the feeling I get when I look into the eyes of the children I am advocating for and see hope”.

Roy Barrett

Sue Howell

Sue Howell has been a volunteer with the program since 2008. During her
time at CASA she has had many cases with multiple children. She has
always been an active participant in the system and has advocated for each
of her children to the best of her ability. Sue has been a vital part of this
program and has gone above and beyond to ensure her children are heard
by the courts.

“After being a foster parent to twenty-four children and an elementary
school counselor for eighteen years, it seemed a perfect fit to become a
CASA worker. Less than a year after I retired, I took the training as a CASA
and began the journey as a child’s voice in court. When I attend court, I can
see the importance of advocating for the children because they can
sometimes be unheard. The reason I continue to be involved as a CASA, is
it allows me to be a voice in the system for those children”


Jenn has been a volunteer with the program since 2008 and has dedicated herself to advocating for many children. Jenn continues her relationships with all of the children she serves to ensure that they continue to be advocated for even after their time in foster care is ended. Jenn is a valuable member of our program that we can always rely on.

“As a CASA volunteer, I have grown both personally and professionally in several ways. From a personal perspective, I have built many long-term relationships with the children and families that I have advocated on behalf of. From a professional perspective, I have learned a lot about the court and foster systems, the importance of stability, and the value in loving and building relationships with the children that I have worked with. The beauty of watching a child grow in a positive manner after sharing their most traumatizing moments with me is unexplainable. For those who are wondering if volunteering as a CASA is worth it, it is. Helping a child learn and feel that their voice counts is the most rewarding experience, especially for them. I have extended my heart to the CASA staff, the children, and the professionals within the system in Newport News because I learned that children who are abused and neglected need our support. Often, we are their only hope and stability, especially for those who grow up in the system.”