Sue Howell


Sue Howell has been a volunteer with the program since 2008. During her
time at CASA she has had many cases with multiple children. She has
always been an active participant in the system and has advocated for each
of her children to the best of her ability. Sue has been a vital part of this
program and has gone above and beyond to ensure her children are heard
by the courts.

“After being a foster parent to twenty-four children and an elementary
school counselor for eighteen years, it seemed a perfect fit to become a
CASA worker. Less than a year after I retired, I took the training as a CASA
and began the journey as a child’s voice in court. When I attend court, I can
see the importance of advocating for the children because they can
sometimes be unheard. The reason I continue to be involved as a CASA, is
it allows me to be a voice in the system for those children”